What is Skillful Teaching?

The Skillfull Teacher (Brookfield, 2015) explores the concept of skillful teaching and addresses 4 key elements: help students learn, be critically reflective, be aware of your students, and treat all students from college on as adults.

Here are some interesting tips you might find useful:

  • Ask yourself “will this help my students learn?”
  • Consider gradually building in concepts to help all types of students adjust to what you are teaching
  • Recognize diversity in your classroom and adapt to it
  • Consider a past student alumni panel (without you in attendance) to allow students to ask honest questions about your class
  • Invite colleagues in to give you critical feedback and tips
  • Continue to learn about best practices in teaching
  • Ask for anonymous student feedback
  • Honestly attempt to discover and address student concerns and difficulty
  • Recognize an adult learner’s motivation to learn

Are you a skillful teacher? Take your subject matter expertise to a whole new level by implementing some or all of these tips.

Brookfield, S. D. (2015). The skillful teacher (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons. 

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