Where am I now?

Hi everyone, it’s March 31 2024! I am more than half way through the VCC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. My target end date is early August for everything. I already have an education degree focused on social justice in secondary schools. Then my career took me on an exciting journey through from international community development with youth and adults and into reconciliation work. Over the years I developed a passion for adult training and education. Starting this new education focus on teaching adults was an amazing decision. Teaching and training adults is quite different than teaching children. And I am learning so much to apply to my many years of experience.

While I am at school half time I have been working primarily for a tiny homes company- it’s like a crash course in the construction industry. I do bookkeeping, budgets, GANTT chart scheduling, and training materials. We are developing a Tiny Homes Academy. I have also dabbled in AI (my avatar is below) and I took a 2 day course in working with neuro-diverse people.

I’m still exploring my values as a teacher. However, I am powerfully influenced by some thoughts: I want to help shape my students’ perspectives in a positive way; I want to support my students ability to succeed; I want to help make learning easy and as stress free as possible.

If you are curious where this all started, look back to the bio I did last October.

Stay tuned for another round of blog posts as I progress through the last phase of my program.

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