Neuroscience- Future Learning

What are you passionately learning about these days? Nothing motivates me more than learning the why and how something relevant to me on a personal level.

As a student of the VCC PIDP program I am wrapping up an elective course on the Brain. I decided to focus on how exercise impacts the brain and in particular learning and memory. While this serves the immediate purpose of learning specifically about how exercise can benefit the brain for learning, what I can take away from this course is so much more valuable to me.

In order to understand this subject, I had to learn how the brain works, what the key parts of the brain are, and how the brain stores information. This has given me a foundation in neuroscience I can apply to other areas of interest.

The next step for me is how the brain is impacted by age. On a personal level this attracts me for two reasons. I want to continue to learn for the rest of my life. I also want to know more about my mother’s dementia and how I and future generations can prevent getting it.

Are you curious how exercise impacts the brain? I will link my presentation here soon….

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