AI for Education?

AI has been a hot topic in education for this past year. I have had the pleasure of attending training, networking and a global conference with MIA. In a April 2023 TED Talk Sal Khan discusses many of the pros of using AI in education. He gives wonderful examples of how it can be used as a personal tutor/ teaching assistant to improve learning. We know that ChatGTP cannot replace learning, but it can give us a few shortcuts to lighten the mental load and allow us to focus on what’s important.

I’ve definitely use AI to help with my learning experience. Here are some easy ways I have used ChatGTP and image creators:

  • Get detailed definitions of scientific and academic terms
  • Summarize studies and articles to compare with my personal notes (very important to also read and take your own notes because it may simplify the information too much and you may miss key elements)
  • Create images for my presentations
  • Organize my notes into presentation slide (content)
  • Joining events with my AI avatar

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