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  • Inclusive Learning in the Workplace

    Check out my podcast link to learn about creating a more inclusive learning environment for neuro-diverse team members. Here are some tips: References Bright, D., & Cortes, A. (2019). Principles of Management. OpenStax.   Edwards, A. V. (2021). Neurodiversity and workplace social capital effects on employee attitudes and intentions (Doctoral dissertation, Walden University). Retrieved August 17, 2023, https://www.proquest.com/openview/902469230520a17ec8c32a5a0b41f63a/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=18750&diss=y …

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  • The Power of Social Connections

    The concept of social capital has popped up a lot in recent conversations. But have you thought of the power of social connections on happiness and well-being? How social connections are more powerful than wealth? This TEDx talk examines this phenomenon through the lens of neuroscience. Watch it and consider how it may impact your…

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  • Neuroscience- Future Learning

    What are you passionately learning about these days? Nothing motivates me more than learning the why and how something relevant to me on a personal level. As a student of the VCC PIDP program I am wrapping up an elective course on the Brain. I decided to focus on how exercise impacts the brain and…

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  • 5 Year Planning

    Do you ever challenge yourself to set SMART goals for your future? Here are my professional goals for the next 5 years: 3 Professional Goals for my next 5 years:

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  • AI for Education?

    AI has been a hot topic in education for this past year. I have had the pleasure of attending training, networking and a global conference with MIA. In a April 2023 TED Talk Sal Khan discusses many of the pros of using AI in education. He gives wonderful examples of how it can be used…

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  • Check Out My CV

    I am a dedicated instructional designer and facilitator with a passion for creating effective learning experiences and inclusive work spaces. My background includes extensive experience in curriculum development, training, and instructional design in various settings. I am committed to designing and delivering engaging learning solutions to empower individuals and organizations. I am an avid learner…

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  • The Resistant Student

    Ouch! Nothing is worse than a student or multiple students that don’t want to be in your class. The truth is you cannot cater your class to the resistant student. This “trap of conversional obsession” is a rabbit hole no one benefits from. So what can you do? First, try to recognize the possible reasons…

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  • Multiple Intelligences

    What does this mean to an instructor? Simply put we need to consider the different reasons and ways that people learn. Students can be auditory, visual and tactile learners. Students can be intuitive or logical learners. They can be active or reflective learners. They can be independent or teacher dependent. Of course diversity can have…

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  • What is Skillful Teaching?

    The Skillfull Teacher (Brookfield, 2015) explores the concept of skillful teaching and addresses 4 key elements: help students learn, be critically reflective, be aware of your students, and treat all students from college on as adults. Here are some interesting tips you might find useful: Are you a skillful teacher? Take your subject matter expertise…

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  • Transparency in Truth

    teaching? Okay here are some of the hard truths I need to challenge myself to reexamine: I teach inclusion but I am still learning a lot…. all the time. I expect mutual respect from both teacher and student. I can use filler words and need to choose my words more judiciously. I somehow look calm…

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Read more: Inclusive Learning in the Workplace
Read more: Inclusive Learning in the Workplace